There is a chosen race or people of God, and Its NOT the people who call themselves jews today.  The jewish race are of the lineage of Cain and Esau/Edom. They are NOT the Israelites of the Bible. The two biggest lies in history are: Jesus was a Jew and the Jews are the Israelites of the Bible.
The Bible is a book of history and law of the Adamic White Race.  The Jews are waging war against us everyday through their control of the mainstream media, some of the alternative media, entertainment, banking, educational, publishing, medical, and political systems of the White western nations. All of this has been proven and is the absolute factual truth.

Some of the people who call themselves jews today are the leaders and cultivators of a very sinister agenda.  Their agenda is the complete and utter genocide of the White race.  They are able to do this through an intense campaign of lies, propaganda, promotion of the original sin race mixing, and non white immigration into traditionally White countries and White countries only.

The propaganda is targeted towards whites and instills “white guilt” into the people of GOD; the White race.  This guilt in turn destroys the white people’s confidence in themselves and  causes whites to put every other race’s interests ahead of their own.  This is detrimental to our existence.

But there is something very powerful that is happening right now.  It is of Yahweh God!!! The White race, the greatest race on earth, and His Chosen people are awakening to this evil jewish led program.  I call the period we are entering into:  The Final Crusades.