9/11 & The Jewish Masterminds

Exposing The Synagogue Of Satan's Program To Destroy The White Race

The documentary 9/11 Missing Links is the best one on 9/11.  It was created by Mike Delaney of Prothink.org along with some other gentlemen. It goes into great detail describing the Jewish, Israeli, and shabbos goy criminals who pulled off this terrible terrorist act.

The internet is full of people who want to argue all day over how the towers were brought down or whether or not real planes were used in the attacks or was it media fakery.  None of this matters!!  The only thing that matters is who the masterminds are behind the crime and who allowed it to take place!!

If you believe that a middle eastern man, located in a cave, in a mountainous region of  Afghanistan is the responsible party, and two airplanes brought down 3 giant steel buildings demolition style, then you have never looked into the event or you have and are too much of a coward to do anything about it.  Because anyone who looks into the event with critical and logical thinking skills all come to the same conclusion>>> The mainstream media and mainstream so called experts and authorities are full of shit.

I mean look at the bullshit Osama Bin Laden heaquarters.  They actually expect you to believe this crap.  Are you really that gullible???

LOL>>>LOL>>>LOL!!!  This is absolutely ridiculous.  This is how stupid the masterminds of the crime think you are…Are you really this dumb??? Or are you a coward???  What kind of man would your children think you are if they knew you were too much of a coward to recognize the deception at hand??  Your children’s future is at stake because of this event!!



These are Fox News reports that aired maybe once or twice.  This is the only MSM news outlet that even mentioned possible Israeli involvement.  It has since been thrown down the memory hole.