Who are the Jews

Introduction To Who’s Who & Who’s Jew

By A Christian Warrior

An in depth study of “Who’s Who & Who’s Jew” can be found here: Christogenea.org . 

This website is the absolute truth and exposes the two greatest lies of all time purported by the Jews:  That Jesus was a Jew., and the Jews are the Israelites. This is the greatest deception and lie the world has ever known.  Jesus was not a Jew.  Jesus was a white aryan man of the tribe of Judah.  The Jews have nothing to do with the tribe of Judah or any of the Israelites of the bible.  The Jews are of the seed line of Cain and Esau.

Before you dismiss these facts, I suggest you go and study the subject in depth.  This subject takes time to absorb and go through all the historical and biblical figures.  You can’t study it for a couple of hours and come to any conclusion. It must be studied very thoroughly and with the use of many resources such as the bible, archeology, classic literature, a good concordance, a bible dictionary etc.

You might be saying to yourself, the bible is a jew book written by jews.  Why do you say that? Because the Jews say so???…..Because the tax exempt, 501 C3 corporation churches say so????  They both also say that Jews were gassed in the Holocaust and 19 Arabs brought down the world trade center buildings with airplanes on 9/11.  Anyone who has studied these two events come to the conclusion and know these are false narratives. (Proof of this is on this website along with countless other websites.   So why do you believe the Bible is a Jew book written by and for Jews?  Hell the Jews don’t even follow the Old Testament they follow the Talmud.  They just tell white people that the Old Testament is a Jewish book.  The Bible is not a Jewish book.  The Bible is a book of history and law that traces the Israelite branch of the White Adamic  people, not the Jews or any other race of people.

The Jews have been the enemy of white people since the beginning of time, only the white people don’t know it.  The Jews know it.   That is why they are trying to destroy us.  And it all starts with the three biggest lies of all time:   the Jews are God’s chosen people, Jesus was a Jew, and the bible is a Jewish book.

Another big lie the Jews tell are; they are just a religion.  This is the fourth biggest lie.  The Jews are a race/ ethnic group of people.  They use the cover of religion to trick the white people of the world into thinking that being a Jew has something to do with religion, when in fact  it has nothing to do with religion, but instead has to do with bloodline and genetics.

“……the Jews form an ethnic group; that like all ethnic groups they have their own racial elements distributed in their own proportions; like all or most ethnic groups they have their “look”, a part of their cultural heritage that both preserves and expresses their cultural solidarity…..they have developed a special racial sub-type and a special pattern of facial and bodily expression.”…………CARLETON S. COON, THE RACES OF EUROPE, THE MAC MILLIAN CO.,NY.-1939, P.442

As I said earlier in this essay, the Jews are of the seed of Cain and Esau. These two seed lines have been the enemy of the white race for about 7500 years or so. The enmity that Yahweh God put between the seed of the woman (Eve) and the seed of serpent (Cain) in Genesis 3:15 is still taking place today.

Today’s edomite Jew’s ultimate goal is to destroy the white race through a devious plan of race mixing. They are accomplishing this by instilling “white guilt” into our people’s heads through their use of a sophisticated propaganda system. The Jew’s propaganda works because they own 99% of the media, entertainment, educational, banking, medical, and political systems in the white western countries. It is through these controlled systems and a carefully crafted narrative of historical lies, that they execute their plan which has been outlined in the late 19th century, in a document named “The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.” The Jews claim the plan outlined in the protocols are a forgery or a fraud. But if you read them, they have or are all coming true to this day. They are not a fraud or a forgery they are real and true.

I will leave you with one last thought in this introduction….The time is now to learn the truth, get your head and body healthy, take back control of your life, spread the truth to your fellow white brothers and sisters, and separate yourself from the Jewish beast system to whatever extent you can. And as it is written in John 8:32: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.