Another Hate Crime Hoax

So here we have another hate crime hoax being perpetrated by the Jewish owned mainstream media as being real.  Im talking about the Jessie Smollett fake incident.  Smollett is a Jewish, black, homosexual who is apparently racists towards white people.  He said he was attacked by two Maga hat wearing white men who put a noose around his next and beat him up, all while yelling racists epitaphs.

Non whites including Jews are always making up hate crimes to demonize white people.

Hell even Blacks on you tube were calling this a hoax.  As time progressed, the chicago police even arrested Jessie and charged him with 16 counts relating to this fake hate crime perpetrated by Jessie himself.  Well the Neo Communists couldn’t have that, so a few Blacks wielding power decided to have the charges dropped and Jessie exonerated.

How does this make you feel White man??  How does it make you feel to have one of  your enemies Jessie Smollett fake a hate crime to demonize you??  How long are you going to lay down and take this shit from these racists?

Oh and this isn’t the only hate crime hoax perpetrated against white people, there are thousands of them.  The mainstream media is always complicit and actively promotes these phony hate crimes against whites.  Then when they are confirmed to be a hoax, they never retract the story.  Check out for a comprehensive listing.

But do it quickly because the Neo Communists who control the internet are constantly attacking the site and censoring it.  Now why would anyone want to censor this type of material???  The answer is because they hate you white man and want to destroy your family and heritage.