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Another Hate Crime Hoax

So here we have another hate crime hoax being perpetrated by the Jewish owned mainstream media as being real.  Im talking about the Jessie Smollett fake incident.  Smollett is a Jewish, black, homosexual who is apparently racists towards white people.  He said he was attacked by two Maga hat wearing white men who put a

What Shall We Call These Nation Wreckers

This website is for  people who are sick and tired of what the Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Jews, Liberals, Republicans and Neo Conservatives are doing to America and traditionally western countries of the world.  I know one thing;  I’m pissed off about it and you should be too. Before I go any further, I should let

There Is No Political Soultion

There is no political solution because the Jews, Neo Communists and their blackmailed and paid off lackeys, who are in control of society, will not allow honest discussion or debate on any topics which expose their power and agenda.  When someone starts to expose the Jew’s power in society, the Jew cries and whines about